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Sleep Blaster 1.1.1

Sleep Blaster 1.1.1

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Sleep Blaster Publisher's Description

Ever wished you could just yell at your alarm clock, and it would turn off? Does reaching across the bed use too much energy in the morning? We hear you. Waking up should be an easier process, right? Now it is.

Sleep Blaster is the alarm clock of the future. When the alarm rings, it gives you a chance to yell. When it hears you, it will stop the alarm. It's that simple.
How will it wake me up?

The best way to start out your day is with some good music. Like any good alarm clock, Sleep Blaster can wake you up to your favorite iTunes playlist. But what if you're one of those people who need an explosion to wake you up? We've got you covered. Just enable Sleep Blaster's Dynamite Mode, and you'll be blasted awake by the sound of an explosion. Pretty cool, huh?

What else can it do?

Of course, you don't have to yell to turn off the alarm (it's as easy as checking or unchecking a box). You can also use the keyboard — spacebar to turn off, any other key to snooze!

But despite the name, waking you up isn't all Sleep Blaster can do...
Sleep Blaster can put you to sleep.

Not only does it have an iTunes sleep timer, but it can also generate the sound of ocean waves to put you to sleep.
Sleep Blaster won't let you make mistakes.

It happens to all of us: we set the alarm for what we think is 8am, and it rings exactly 12 hours later. That pesky AM/PM button is just too elusive.
With its revolutionary Stupidity Prevention System technology, Sleep Blaster will notice if you set the alarm for an unlikely hour, and will make sure you know what you're doing!
Who is it for?
If you meet these criteria, we think you'll love Sleep Blaster:

  • You sleep.
  • You have to wake up eventually.
  • Waking up is a terrible thing.

    If you want more advanced features, such as running scripts at alarm time, you may want to look somewhere else. But if you're just looking for a good, fun way to wake up in the morning that costs no more than a hamburger and fries, Sleep Blaster is for you.
    But be careful...

    There are two things you should know before you start using Sleep Blaster. The first is this: don't use the Yelling feature every single day, or you will eventually get used to yelling in your sleep, without waking up! And secondly: when you use Dynamite Mode, be prepared. It's more alarming than you think...
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